Park Bike Tools

Long time no see. :wave:t3:

I was out a couple of months ago and ran into E-Rock and Cole at an art opening. I don’t know Cole but I pointed him out to Eric and neither of us did anything.

I am Mr. Fop

Moving and need to shed some weight. I’m getting rid of all my tools. If anyone in the N.Y. area is interested let me know. It’s a whole bike shop right here. Thanks!!

There are more tools besides that!

I can only post one image at a time!

Also come take this CB2 bike rack thing.

I’d be maybe interested in those cone wrenches mine are wrecked. Are those all spare tools? Why sell off your whole box?

Moving cross country and shipping everything via busfreight. I haven’t really touched this since moving here. But you’re right. I should keep the basics. I’ll planning on getting everything up and running once there

Let me think about it then get back up you.

How much to buy all of it

how much for that rack?

I think VT is right. Maybe I’ll hold onto a few basic parts. But most of it can go. I’m moving and every pound counts.

I was hoping to sell to someone local, because I’m basically shipping everything and want to keep it easy.

I’ll get back soon. Probably $50 for everything once I take a wreck or two out.

And the shelf is a freebee local. If I can find a box I can ship it out