Pavement bikes

Like a gravel bike, but for going fast on paved roads. Talk road bikes here.

I like them the most of all the kinds of bikes. I understand that a late 90’s alu/carbon roadbike with some sweet paired spoke wheels is not the pinnacle of cycling technology ,but something like that will alwas have a spot in my heart. Like, if Gita or Red Rose imported it c.1999, it’s probably a rad bike.

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I recently got a frame that barely fits 28s and minimal fenders

I’ve been really into taking older steel/alu frames and putting modern groups on them, as in ladybiek’s cannondale (which frustratingly is lighter than any of my own bikes:

I recently acquired this repainted Raleigh Competition:


We’re going to put some mid-level components on it over the winter and flip it for profit. Sure is nice tho.

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Why not keep that comp? That’s prime 650 retrofit material

I know, but I already have 2 noodle-nerdbikes and 2 650b nerdbikes.

Plus I think if we do it right we might be able to make some cash. A friend and I are talking about sidehustling bikes for supplementary income.

But yeah, that fucker is nice as hell.

Or talk to your framebuilder about sweatting our those dropouts for some disc doodles

Wish I liked my road bike more. I think if I lived someplace where I felt more encouraged to ride on country roads I would ride it more, so I guess that’s why I keep it around.

It is nice to get on a bike that feels fast and easy after riding slow bikes all the time

yeah, I’ve lived in a couple of places where road riding was not at all fun or really safe, it sucks.

The East Bay and central Virginia are pretty much geographic opposites, so I’ve gone from lots of climbing and fast, technical descents to lots of flat to gently rolling rides.
I’m thinking about a next road bike, after my current one finally bites the dust, probably going to go with some very aggressive gepmetry and body position. no reason to build a bike that’s comfortable for more than 2 hours if I have a sport touring bike already.

It seems as if mainstream road bikes are getting closer to fitting me, it would be cool to try a modern ultra aero superbike.

I do most of the little riding I do on the road. If I have 3 hours to ride I like to spend it riding.

I do most of my roadcycling on my weird 11/9 Shimergo Charge Juicer with fenders, 28s, and Paul Racer M brakes. This is an old ass picture but it looks the same.


Yeah, most of why I like road bikes is down to how they feel to ride, but I definitely also prefer to spend my cycling time actually riding, not in a car or on the train on my way to a bike ride.

If I were living somewhere like Chicago again, I’d probably suck it up, do a couple of short rides on the LFT during the week, and plan a longer weekend ride starting from the end of a train line. When I lived in the East Bay, I’d go out to Diablo via BART, because riding through Orinda/Lafayette/Walnut Creek is total nonsense.

I’m assuming at this point that the bike industry is going to keep trending towards ever more categories of bike, I’m interested in seeing whether something like a “classic stage racing bike” starts getting a sales push once the gravel boom plateaus. Traditional road bike / cycling is rarely the first thing people get into, mountain bikes and fixed gears have been the more superficially exciting entrees to bike riding over the last few decades.

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Damn Seth that is nice.

I love that bike. Looks fast

Cannondale’s announcement of the CAAD13 inspired me to take a look at similarly priced road bikes. Holy hell, it seems like you can get a lot of bike for about 2000-2500. The Allez Sprint is about the same price, similar spec, and Giant’s TCR is made of carbon and a few hundred bucks more.

More importantly, the largest size now comes really close to fitting me without super setback seatposts and 140mm stems. It’s kinda cool to know that I can get a whole bike with the kind of components I usually use for as much as I usually spend on a frame. No idea how these bikes feel to ride, but since they can all take a 25-28mm tire, it seems like the super harsh cheap road bike feel might be less of a problem with these newer models.

I mean, I’ll still probably buy a custom frame from a shop that’s in the process of going out of business (done it twice already, why stop now?) because of how I’m a genius.

Yeah I’ve been watching TdF stage recaps and keep thinking “I should get a fast bike for zooming around and carrying nothing”.

So naturally I am cruising the local craigslist for frames, after I literally sold the exact same type of frame less than a year ago.


The CAAD13 can fit 30mm tires. I’m honestly thinking hard about whether I could combine my two road bikes into one with a platform like that.

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I rode my CAAD10 with 28mm Pro ones at like 50psi this morning and it was nice

Fast 650b roadie with Confreries or Pro Ones?

Medford craigslist
Lmk when u want to offload the frameset

Oh shit there’s 2

A blue with campy and an orange with da

I ended up building a fast/light 10 speed roadbike last year because that thought got stuck in my head

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