pedros trixie tool

[quote]Although they wouldn’t give up to much information on new products, they did show us the new Pedros Trixie tool. This small item is packed with features.

  1. Lockring tool
  2. Pin hole to make your own chain whip (going with the green theme, they want you to use an old piece of chain to make your chain whip)
  3. Spoke wrench
  4. 15mm wrench
  5. 5mm allen wrench
  6. 3 sizes of hex style wrenches
  7. Bottle opener (a must!)


Not too shabby.The hex wrneches are pretty useless and the spoke wrench is questionable, but still, not too shabby.

still a proto. hopefully the final product rules and my store gets them in.

would be nice to have some sort of socket for cranks, if you have bb problems (like me D;)

Pretty neat, theres a possibility I would pick that up when it came out.

Looks hot to me. I’d definitely pick one up. Using tx_what_it_do’s discount of course.

lol trixie!

Great concept. I want one so I can drill it, bolt it up to the water bottle mounts and be done with carrying multiple tools.

You’ll need a separate 5mm wrench to get that off the bolts.

You’ll need a separate 5mm wrench to get that off the bolts.[/quote]
True. I’d still rather carry a single 5mm allen in my pocket than multiple tools. Option B would be to use wing bolts at the sacrifice of security.


Custom group buy. Ready, set, go.

Oh, for sure. I’d vote for that, and I wouldn’t even have to be drunk.

Maybe we can get them to engrave them with “” instead of that Trixie crap.

Tarxie much?

I would buy the hell out of that tool.

I’d definitely get one or two.

Group buy?

that would probably be a great idea.

in on the group buy. for a tool that’s not even out yet. want.

Someone should get ahold of them for some prototype action. Maybe they’d throw them at us for free and tell us to break them as quickly as possible.