places to ride in states that are close to Illinois

Buddies and I want to go ride some off road stuff over spring break. We live in Illinois but want to go somewhere out of state (for teh roadtrip) and camp-able (maybe, pending weather). Trails must be rideable with CXbieks.


As if you just asked for a state next to Illinois to ride CX bikes in :colbert:

I am disappoint


theres this place called wisconsin…


Oh, didn’t realize you were asking that.

I hear it’s on Shag Highway, heading west. It’s magical.

srsly though, the link I provided, click the rides, it gives you fucking maps dude

ride the T.W.A.T.


I’ve never ridden CX, but I’m pretty sure you could handle Crystal Ridge in Milwaukee. Kettle Moraine is great on a mountain bike. If you end up in the city, give me a holler. I don’t know that I’ll be able to host you, but I can show you around.

Will 30c tires be big enough for those routes? Never done this before. -_-

there’s a bad ass bmx track in rockford, il. Not even sure where in the state rockford is cos i went there when I was a kid parents took care of everything, but if you’re in the area and like bmx, then go for it.

Rockford is in the north, so they can hit it up, then drive another 20 minutes and be in Wisconsin.

Tough to say. I just started mountain biking and have never done cyclocross. Crystal Ridge is not very hilly and rocky, and there aren’t, like, rock piles and downed trees to climb over. It’s a twisting single track without a lot of obstacles.

Seems like you could go through it with 32s, but I just can’t say for sure. If you’re looking more for fire road type of stuff we’d have to look elsewhere.

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We’re just gonna hit up Kickapoo in Illinois. Lazy, lol. I ended up building a MTB last night, so I’ll be taking it instead of the fat tire roadbiek.

all of the mountain bike trails in wisconsin will be too wet to ride for a while still. once things dry up the john muir trails in the southern kettles would probably be best/closest. that place is always full of fibs on the weekends - you might be able to catch a ride even.

Actually the trails in MKE are in pretty decent shape right now - if it stays dry the rest of the week I bet Muir will be great.

When I was in college, I did the Milwaukee to Iowa City route a number of times, staying in SE Wisconsin for as long as possible before heading south (northern Illinois is not that exciting). Beautiful country…not sure about off-road opportunities. But if you’re willing to go to Iowa, the area between the Mississippi and Decorah in northeast Iowa is pretty spectacular. Tons of steep hills, hundreds of miles of gravel, lots of trails esp around Decorah, and almost no traffic. Just don’t get shot by a farmer.

yeah dude, check for places up the i-74 corridor. Somewhere near peoria should be good seeing as that river cuts into the flat ass lands, as such.