PNW: Crust Clydesdale cargo bike

80s Peugeot frame stripped raw, 20" or 21" frame so no short kings sorry
Crust Clydesdale 1" fork, uncirumcised steerer
2x10 with XT derailers, Deore cranks, and Deore shifters
VO Klunker bars, VO fenders

$500, come pick it up and we’ll sort through the bins in my storage unit downstairs and I’ll load you up on parts (26" fork and dynamo wheel, spare fenders, custom bag for the Wald basket, and whatever else you wanna grab)


Is that a 157 basket? I still have the dream of someday using my Clyde fork and that looks like a good size.

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I could haul so much cabbage in that basket!


This is a wild deal. Hope someone cool buys it.

Also @Bootus I use a 157 on mine and it is the perfect size. Don’t let any of the bigant gang tell you otherwise!


BIG ANT life is fine, I’ve lived it. Now I want to experience BIG BASKET life.

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Yeah. It’s huge and perfect.

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big ant :ant: crüe disappointed

Nudge, come get it :wink:

How sketchy does it ride with 40lbs of chicken thighs and 25lbs of rice on the front?

Probably kinda sketchy, I’d say that’s bumped right up against the tolerable limit for cargo. It’ll carry it all but it’ll feel weird.

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do you need to go up a hill or stop at all?

Stopping might be nice

before your destination?

i rode up a hill with 2 cases of beverage, a few bottles of beverage, a big ol’ roast (not yet roasted?) animal, and other grocery items plus my usual commuting setup and i did almost fall into a ditch, but it worked. low speed gets very sketchy but i think you could manage it. i’m not sure i had quite 65 pounds, but not too far off. it kinda sucked but kinda ruled. wouldn’t want to do it all the time but it was cool that one time

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Me and my boss both have fairly unreliable vehicles…we’ve talked about getting a cargo bike for the several times in the last year neither of us could make it to the restaurant supply store. No big hills but a couple sketchy intersections and one highway crossing. I’ll run it by him again.

Maybe do a lil trade for a 26" DJ? :wink:

Last ditch effort, if anyone local wants to swing by and grab this I’ll “loan” it to you forever

if you can deliver to port angeles im interested and would give you money for it

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Unfortunately I don’t think I’d be able to pull that off.

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I wish I didn’t live on the other side of the country.

Goddamnit someone please take it so I don’t have to drive to Seattle

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