POC, fizik, Deda, Look, milk crate…

Getting rid of stuff!

Most shipping should be $8-15 at most, prices are w/o shipping figured in.

POC Omne Air Spin M. Grew my hair out and POC M doesn’t fit no mo. $30?

2x Fizik Aliante Large, R3? $20 each

Deda Zero1 compact, 42cm. Lightly used, but tape residue. $20
Deda Zero100 deep, 42cm. Unused, but no packaging. $40?

LOOK X-Track. Light use, too narrow. $30?
SQLab SPD with XL axles. Light use, too wide. Just make an offer if you want these.

Endpoint Milk Crate. $50 shipped

Tenaya Tanta 9.5M 10.5W US. Bought these woefully small cuz not thinking clearly, worn for the 10 min it took me to realize. $offer?

I’ll take those Fiziks, thank you very much!

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Dibs on Milkcrate

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Goddamnit too slow :frowning: