POLL: which hubs for 29er

building up some 29er wheels very soon. plan on using salsa delgado rims, so it will be easy to go to tubeless if I choose to.

stuck on hubs.

chris king: fucking balling but mad $$$$$
deore xt: been suggested
white industries: also mad $$$$, been told to avoid by some.

one problem with the XT’s is I really do not want centerlock hubs because I want to use 6 bolt disc rotors instead of being confined to the shimano centerlock rotors (unless someone else makes centerlocks as well?) because I can do a 6 bolt avid rotor set up cheaper probably. So I gotta hunt down some Deore XT 6 bolts. I see some online, and Im leaning towards these.

p.s. WTB: deore xt 6 bolt disc hubs. prefer black.

or any other hub suggestions? opinions on any of these? experience?
*I plan on getting a cassette hub, Im going to space it out for single speed but I want the ability to put a new chain cassette and derailleur on later if I want to gear it. -It- is a karate monkey in case someone asks.


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i love my XT hubs so much. The 2008s are built so nice.

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you already know how much i hate you[/quote]
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Hope hubs are a little cheaper than the King/Phil/WI options, have ISO disc mounts, and look nice. No personal experience though.

you already know how much i hate you[/quote]
welcome to my ignore list jerkface[/quote]

I’ve never heard of Fuck Off hubs though. Are they any good?

Someone, problem solvers i think, makes a 6 bolt/centerlock adapter. Ask your lbs.

Fuck CK-a bit overpriced if you ask me. DT Swiss 240 hubs and they come in centerlock or 6 bolt. I have two sets of 240’s laced to Delgado Disc for my 29ers and they are great. The other set of my cross bike is XT to Delgado cross. The XT’s are great hubs for the money.

P.S. Discs on a SS Karate Monkey, good luck! Having to redo my brake setup was too much for me everytime I wanted/needed to remove my rear wheel. I bought a used Fisher Ferrous frame and moved the parts from my KM to it.

its only temporarily SS, I seriously doubt I am going to enjoy that on up-and-down trail riding. I also can’t see myself needing to remove my rear wheel unless I need to change a flat, and I have plenty of patience for that. I know a few people running SS 1x1’s and KM’s.

thanks for the hub advice though, I think Im going to go XT but Im gonna check out the DtSwiss hubs.

also debating doing my own version of that White Ind. double-double SS gearing and doing 34/31 up front and 16/19 in the back, with a double crank and the rear cassette hub spaced out to work, so I can ride it in the street when its gross out and not get pissed and spin out constantly. Discs shouldnt be a problem there either.

Just get the centerlock XT’s with a pair of these.

Bingo bango. Happy times for your bicycle.

if whatever distributor still has 6 bolt available from overstock or something then im gonna get them, if I have to get centerlock, bingo. thanks

29ers are a marketing ploy. too much spoke length for me.

ya riding my 700c’s is really slow and frightening sometimes. gonna be a big jump up to 29inches

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I9 or Hope

Also, if you putting the bike together piece by piece I would STRONGLY recommend a 20mm front hub.

WTF? You don’t ride 700c road/track wheels since they use the same spoke length? So you ride 20" wheels only?

thats a really good call

WTF? You don’t ride 700c road/track wheels since they use the same spoke length? So you ride 20" wheels only?[/quote]
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ISO (6 bolt) XT hubs are still produced and easily gotten. Try asking your girlfriend who works in a bike shop.