Power Grips fan club

Who else loves their PGs? I have mine jerry-rigged to my MKS Track pedals. They kind of hang off the edge and the other end had to be attached using a washer. But they’re so nice. Except when the strap comes out.

I love them, and I’d still be riding with them if I hadn’t fallen into the clipless fan club.

I have them on my geared bike, and I like them. I have not tried them on the tarck bike yet.

Mine broke in two days…

What broke? The straps?

Nope, to start with one of the like connector arm thing that goes out to the clame was mysteriously twisted a little but it still worked okay and then i went to adjust it a little on my right one and the bloody bolt stripped, not sure how it was even possible for it to happen. I could have replaced the bolt I suppose but i was kinda tired of screwing with them and liked clips and straps better so yeah. I guess I lied they didn’t really fully break but i was just annoyed with them.