Pro cyclings

IDK sorry but I have a hard time imagining Sepp’s nationality was a mystery for many fans of the sport. You’re pretty constantly shown the origins of riders when watching cycling and he’s a big name.

You don’t have to imagine it: it happened to me!

I guess it depends on one defines ‘fans of the sport.’ Do you like bikes? do you like knowing who won stages? You still may not know him.
If you watch any big mountain stages when Jumbo is tracking like whoa, well, you must be asleep not to see him or hear him referred to as being from Durango, CO enough.

Australian commentators tho… We know exactly which club and suburb all the AU riders are from, but never once heard the word Durango til this year’s Vuelta.

But yeah, US-ian commentary would obviously be different.

In the coverage i was watching i noticed a distinct change in tack. The nationality of the riders was being dropped in references to them and was replaced by their team. It could just be the commentator, but could also be a sponsor driven thing. I dont like it as i dont follow close enough to know the teams or nationalities. Unless they won the national champs of their country you have no idea where they are from. Sepp Kuss sounds like an Austrian to me!

All I’m saying is that I think you would be an outlier.

FTR I watch everything on Eurosport, not US coverage. There are little flags next to everybody’s name! Maybe that’s not the case down south.


Yeah, we can only watch Eurosport for anything resembling decent coverage sans commercials. Fucka nbccycling/peacock or whatever has most of the tours now.