Pro cyclings

Cyclings of a pro nature.

This is a crazy story. Last year Ashton Lambie is cat 4 on the Track. This year he smashes 3 seconds off the Individual Pursuit World Record. Is he using his moustache as a fairing or is he some kind of an aero oddity? 3 seconds seems a lot? Is Mexico track at altitude?

It is. In fact it’s where Eddy Merckx set the hour record.

And on the topic of track cycling, this is a damn tragedy.

Shite. That’s terrible.

That Ashton dude looks a fair amount like Scott.

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Holy shit, womens XC worlds. Need to see the actual race, but got spoilers on instagram.

Right now, awesome to see MVDP getting back into chasing group and then pushing ahead to catch Nino on the 4th lap. Missed what happened to him to lose 33 seconds on opening lap.

fuck :disappointed:

I’m glad she wasn’t fully paralyzed, but it is nevertheless such an unspeakable horror.

Watching Vogel race at the highest level was breathtaking and inspiring. I’m glad she made it through the other side.

Holy shit.
Men’s DH top three within .34 of each other?!
Women nearly 10 seconds between 1-2 is also unbelievable and silly impressive.

on the topic of huge fuckin bummers, hoping for the best for Jared Graves

Maaaan… :frowning_face:

I prefer this outcome to Moscon winning

This is cool.

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yeah this is such a good idea
my favorite cycling podcast is always talking about how impact/dollar is so much higher in women’s racing

Vox Women?

I subscribed to GCN on FB to get easier access to their live feeds of cross races and my feed was subsequently inundated with crappy videos. This one was Interesting though. I had no idea that they rode such narrow bars. So many on 40s, maybe 42. Several on 38s.

the Slow Ride Podcast, but one of their frequent cohosts is Abi Mickey who also hosts Vox Women!

I like slow ride a lot.

Probably a lot more aero than some funky new frame BS.