have any of you guys ordered a wheelset from these guys. i think i’m going to order a miche/cxp33 wheelset. it seems like a good deal.

ugh that website is horrible. can’t stomach it anymore.

yeah, the web site sucks, but is it a good deal? i think the miche/cxp33 wheelset was like 270-280$. i realize i will probably have to get them trued.

Is that really any better than buying the hubs/rims then taking them to your LBS and having them build the set up?

^ i don’t know, but i need a wheelset asap. i’m selling the bike that i commute on to buy a new wheelset for my new tarck commuter, so it would be nice to get everything all at once. plus, the dude at the lbs pronounces miche wrong. actually they all do, but i asked an italian, so i know i’m right.

no miche :frowning:

my google search (plus my italian, who is really my gf who spent two semesters in italy) have led to “me-kay”. the dudes at the lbs say" meesh", which anyone that took a romance language in high school would realize is dumb.

I ordered a rear wheel from them about a year ago because my lbs was having trouble getting what I want. Came quickly and required no truing, just a little tensioning.

Hmm you sure they aren’t selling blinging rims there instead of wheels? Website is confusing.

Oh my god… this is the worst…

Brianforums consensus seemed to volley between Mee-Shay/Mee-kay. Considering the way Bianchi is prounounced, I agree with your lady

$280 isn’t really that great of a deal. You should be able to have it built at your LBS for around that much, maybe a little more.

yeah, thsoe prices really aren’t that much different from in store retail… except the store doesn’t make you pay shipping on things they already have.