Providence Roller Races presented by Recycle-a-Bike

Announcing Providence’s first Roller Races!

On Friday the 13th of February, Recycle-a-Bike will host a benefit featuring roller racing, drinks, bike crafts, prizes, dancing, and more, at 28 Wolcott St. in Providence (See attached map).

What are roller races?
Two riders at a time, sprint out 500m trials, on single speed track bikes strapped to a set of rollers. Rollers are wired up to an electronic clock that simulates the distance each rider has gone. Top times in both men and women categories will face off to win!

Come to race or come to cheer, guaranteed a good time!

For more info, Maps, links to the sponsors sites ect, please visit

Prizes and Sponsorship graciously provided by:
Wolcott Eco-Offices
Legend Bicycle
Providence Bicycle
The Hub
Mer Bags
Bailey Works
White Electric Coffee
The Garden Grille
Vaya Bags
Taqueria Pacifica
Farmacy Herbs
Fabric Horse
Matt Heft
Union Cycle
Cafe Lila
Circuit BMX

Hope to see you there!



is it bring yr own bike or are they stock? (if they are stock, what’s the gearing?)

yeh saw this. dunno if im going. ppl i would go with are outta town

well if i wasnt getting tattooed that day i would think about going but finishing some over due work is a bit more important! but i will try!!!