quick, estimated cost of shipping....UK to SD

a bike from the UK to San Diego? Anyone have any educated guess? Quick!

It was $57 when I shipped to you, so triple it to be safe? No idea really.

Hmmmm, I looked up Bikyle(ugh)'s international shipping to the UK and it was $280, yikes, I’m hoping someone dude on ebay wouldn’t be so rip-offy…

I know SF to Louisiana fully insured was about $80ish. My guess would be around 130.

Aye, if this bike slips from me I’m gonna freak out. I don’t wanna commit and find out the guy wants $250 for shipping though AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

check UPS or Fedex’s website they generall have a “figure price” feature

Here’s what I did.

I went to ebay.co.uk and searched completed items for a bike I figured would be UK-specific and have some interest to bidders outside the UK. In this case Jack Taylor. I found item #150308828864. Seller quotes £145.00 to ship to the US, which according to this currency conversion calculator is about $219.

In other news this bike is pretty awesome, my size, and it went pretty cheap :colbert:

Hmmmmmmmm. Goddamn. I guess I’m gonna sleep on it and hope to hear back from the seller by tomorrow morning. Or maybe not.

must. stop. looking. at. UK. ebay. and. go. to. bed.

Yeah, I’m looking at something purple for a ridiculously awesome price. SIGH.

dad tried to ship a bike to me here but it would have cost like $600 or something retarded like that. be careful.

I bought it. It’s gonna be baaaaaaadass.

^ I hate that style of internal cable routing with the stupid rubber plugs, but otherwise that bike looks pretty awesome.

Oh shit that is fucking awesome. You’re sending it to me right? That’s why I gave you my address, after all.

Enjoy your Gios, Jim!

i went to fedex.com and layed it out…
seems kinda pricey.

i tried a san diego to detroit shipment of the same size/insurance amount and it was like $60…

seems like i did something wrong there…