Quick release front for commuting?

Here is my situation. I used my fixed for riding to and from work, its awesome. Lately I’ve been thinking I should get a front brake because i’m sick nearly getting molested by buses/taxis, it’d probably be a lot safer/quicker of a ride. I’m also sick of every man and his dog telling me to put a brake on.
I have an unmachine deep v on the front and I don’t want to sand it back or anything, so i figure i could just get a cheap wheel with a braking surface. There are a few cheaper wheels floating around here, but they all have quick release not track hubs.
Does this matter too much for commuting? Will it fit in my forks? Will it be safe enough for fixed riding?
Sorry for the noob question.

Yeah, this is actually a pretty good plan. Front quick release wheels can be had on eBay for a few bucks any day of the week. Just make sure you buy a 700c, and it will fit just fine. There is no safety concern with fixed gear riding and a properly used quick release wheel.

Front wheel are much cheaper, so I say go for it. I strongly endorse your plan. I do this periodically, but I have a few spare wheels laying around.

Replacing your wheel’s qr with an allen key skewer (pic) will make it less vulnerable to opportunistic theft. But yeah, the spacing and so forth will be exactly the same whatever you go for.

i’ve had QR front wheels on all my bikes. it’s nice for those times you have to throw your bike in someone’s car, or feel like locking up a bit more secure (wheel off, locked to the frame in the back). no safety concerns as bonechilling already said.

I have a performance store by my house and I have been looking at their Titan front wheels for a similar reason. Always on sale for under 90 bucks and super light maybe they are worth a look?

pista with a road ksyrium elite. no problems with axel spacing…

you don’t have to sand your unmachined… it comes off after a week of brake use and is totally kosher. if you don’t want to ruin the surface though…

If you just want a front road wheel, trust me, some people will just give them to you. Not worth $90.


If you just want a front road wheel, trust me, some people will just give them to you. Not worth $90.[/quote]

I don’t have any friends so no one is going to give me didly squat!

Thanks for the honest answers. They have some wheels around here with shimano hubs for under AU$100. Theft is not a problem as I keep my bike in my “office” in full view, all day.

I just looked around on eBay, and there were several 700c front wheels that were selling for less than $30 shipped.

i used to use a qr front almost all the damn time. it’s the best for two-wheel lockups with a single u lock. pull it off, lock it with the rear. done.