Quit riding the bike or get out

So yet, part of the reason I haven’t been around. A bit back my dad told me to either quit riding my bike or get out.
According to him it was a safety issue.

This morning it finally got to me, and I got on the bike and left. went down to an employment agency since I was expecting to be thrown out
Apparently he isn’t going to throw me out, but I would like to have known that several weeks ago.

Well you dad is right about two things, you need to get a job and move out of his house.

how old are you court?

I am 26

not his house, I visited to help take of him and my great aunt this summer, whole story, i keep forgetting it is kinda odd if you haven’t heard it.

07 i was living in Ok as a bike tech, got epilepsy started having seizures daily.
lost my Drivers license and my insurance. after a bit moved in with my mom in alabama.
08 my uncle needed help with his store running cables and network setup. so I did that for rent. once done went back to al.
my dad came out here to take care of my his aunt and her autistic daughter.
09 he got hit by a car that flew off the interstate while he was on a access road on his motorcycle.
I came out here to help some and fix stuff that is broken out here, I origanally planned to go home after a few months.
my apartment in alabama burns downs last month. the firefighter knew me went back in and got my bikes out for me, but everything else is gone.

i own the clothes that where in my moms car, my bikes, and the stuff that I keep in my messenger bag.

since then it got to the point my great aunt was sent to a facilty, I still help with my ocd grandmother, my autistic aunt, and my paraplegic dad. it would make for a great comedy show also. just need a perky neighbor

oh, I still have epilepsy and I am prone to passing out at random and had to figure out how to cover at a high point $700 every two weeks for meds.
legally I cant drive or work as a mechanic. lost my life guard license. The day I went to hospital I was getting ready to fly to guam for a job

most companies will not take the risk to hire me, and work as a photographer is skim, But I am coding a web site in between typing this for someone, so I keep busy.

That’s tough. I hope they get your epilepsy under control. Have you ever had a seizure on the bike?

thats tough dude. ill pray for you and your family

holy shit, dude, that is an epic run of bad luck!!

hang in there.

yeah, put my two bottom front teeth through my top lip, and totaled my allez before i got it under better control.

thats what my two front bottom teeth look like

as for the rest of it, I am sure it could be worse.

Good god man all that sucks so bad and that just sucks.

fucking hell man, i hope things get better for you soon. i think you may have used up all your bad karma for like 3 lifetimes by now. that epilepsy shit hits close to home too, my dad had a seizure while filling up the bath one day, he hit his head on the bath and fell away from it, luckily, not in. get that shit under control. fuck man, really hope things get better.

had a seizure while swimming, luckily was with a retired guard. so i quit swimming gave up my life guard license by choice, kinda sucks. you have to work pretty hard to get one.

wondering how the next tri is going to work out

keep ur head up man