RAAM pics, 55 miles from the end

jon boyer’s 1985 winning bike and jersey-

jure robic, on the way to his record breaking 4th win- that’s our conference bike in the background, 8 of his slovenian army crew went to ride in with him on it.

jure almost falling off the bike as he comes in to the time station:

his team car blasting what i can only imagine was the Slovenian national anthem-

scott with full sram red-

army dude crew, and one goofy guy from work-

some team riders-

my boss-

nice shoes-

skinny guy, big helmet-


and some cool shots of the shop-
bikes we bring in and out every morning and evening-

3 calfees-

left side drive bamboo fixed gear

row of NOS frames

kirk magnesium

bad ass! the legs on twinkle-toes make me feel very strange inside.

I went by the finish line today and hung out for about a half hour or so before I had to leave to meet someone for a ride, but no one finished while I was there. A few competitors had finished already by the time I got there, I’ll probably swing by again some time tomorrow since competitors are expected to be finishing until sometime friday. I must remember to bring my camera next time too.

i don’t see pictures. i just see the word ‘image’ where an image should be.

Are you using photobucket? Because when I try to access it I am redirected to a page for atspace.com.

Me sees lots of pictures.

Also is it just me or does the imbalance in head size kind of make this guy look like a fetus in terms or proportionality.

damnit brian banned me from photobucket too


that white vintage monocoque. wow.

calfee tandem with ostrich brooks? wow.

trimble. wow.

racing. want to get into it.

ostrich selle anatomica. it usually has two matching ones, but my boss has the other on his ti black sheep mountain bike right now.

a bad pic of the fixed gear two man team-

We should organize a Team Tarck RAAM team for 2009.

qualifier is 400 miles in 24 hours

Your shop looks awesome! It reminds me of my shop in chicago, full of old, obscure stuff!
Also, what’s going on here?

^^^i didn’t even notice that one big runs on gears w/no chain! also those pics of the inside of the shop are amazing! i imagine your boss could make a killing on ebay. does that one nos frame have a price tag of $200?

425 miles if youre under 50.

THAT is intense.

according to math, you’d have to average 16mph, and that’s if you were riding for 24 hours straight. i dont understand how it’s possible. if you rest for say, 6 hours, you would have to average 22mph. guess thats doable if youre really in shape.

“Riders consume 6,000-8,000 calories a day of food and take in 400-520 ounces of fluid (3.1 - 4 gallons).”

better start training now, team tarck.

im going to ride some centuries pretty soon. my most recent sorta-long ride was 75 miles and i did it in a little over 4 hours (fixed, 42:13). WEAK.

Your shop is awesome. Goldie-shoes legs make me feel emasculated. And it does remind me of Cycle Smithy, Rusty. Even down to the Trimble hanging from the ceiling.

I have the same yellow Sidis that the guy with the emasculating legs does.

tags are ann inventory number for the website bike123.com, then seat tube and top tube

You have some sick stuff. The RAAM pictures are nice too.

more pictures from today-

i took lots of pictures of these-