Radial lace a forula hub. good idea/bad idea?

Im getting my wheelset built next week. I have formula hubs that im lacing to open pros. Is it a bad idea to radial lace a formula hub? I see it done all the time, but I dont want to do it if its not going to be safe.

front wheel fine
rear wheel driveside not so fine

It’s fine. Don’t worry so much.

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It’ll be ok. It’ll be even ok-er if you use double butted spokes.

I heard radial laced wheels are usually faster esp. with bladed spoks but go out of true really quickly.

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Why would the fact that it’s a formula make a difference?

Because its not a high quality hub I guess.

because its not designed for radial lacing, which places additional stress on the hub. It has nothing to do with quality. I wouldn’t do it, but the chances of it failing are unlikely.

Thanks for the offer but I prefer bags of dicks.[/quote]

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I mean, it’s obviously not designed specifically for radial lacing, but I highly doubt it’s designed in such a way that it’s not OK to lace radially.

I hear carbon spokes help though.

Alright I guess ill get it radial laced, but if it fails and I lose some teeth Im blaming you guys.

Which hubs are designed specifically for radial lacing?

Mack (Mack Hubs) is building my front hub for radial lacing, with warranty. That guy is a badass.

uhhh…tons of them!

you should do lots of wheelies and hop off of lots of curbs really hard because with that radial laced wheel, you doing tricks will be even more cool

I radial laced a front formula hub and I didn’t die. I even radial laced the back, kinda. Every other spoke was radial on either side. “Hybrid 32x crow’s foot” or some shit. I still didn’t die.

Note: Most track hubs have equidistant flanges, i.e. no dish. This means that there’s no benefit to DS or NDS radial lacing.

Note 2: A half-radial laced dished wheel is stronger when the radial lacing is DS rather than NDS. Torque will get transferred through the hub to the cross-laced spokes on the NDS just fine. Force vectors, man. Trust me.

Most modern hubs can be radially laced. The benefits are minimal, but they do look cool.