Random act of kindness????????

I went to the bar tonight, locked my bike in an out of the way place, and when I came out
I had 2 flat tires. I walked home (only about 2 miles) and checked things out finding that the
damage was done with a knife. I might be able to save one tube but niether of the tires. I
guess I should be glad it wasn’t worse?

Someone hates your bikes. Does your bike have any ex-girlfriends they cheated on or something?

That sucks. Did you piss anyone off?

On an unrelated note, I was buying something at a flea market yesterday and my wallet never made it back in to my pocket and fell on the ground while I was walking away. Some dude saw it fall chased me down, and gave it back. I would have been so fucked.

but I’m sorry bout your tires dude.

That sucks. I hate the faceless act of meanness. I mean, seriously have the balls to take something out on me for real, or if you just want to be a random douche again, try it to my face. You put a face on things and it gets a lot harder to be a random douche.

Case in point: The internet!

the moral of the story:
get a sharpy and draw faces ALL OVER your bike…

or a spoke card of your face… but then some douchebags might wanna fuck it up more.

Moral of the story: Ride tireless


lurk, i want my click back.

I once had a vengefull girlfriend slash my tires.
We got in a big blowout arguement and my bike was locked up in front of her house.
I left it there overnight because I didn’t feel like going back there and when I went to pick it up in the morning, both tires were flat with big slashes in them.
She later admitted it and bought me new tires. (though not new tubes)

I hate people who do this shit.
That and steal seatposts and stuff.
I had an old school one on a ten-speed that you needed an actual wrench to get off.
Someone took it.