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I’ve never carried nor used plugs. I’ve also never had a tubeless flat in 7 years of tubeless so these days I figure that A. if i did it’s gonna be a semi catastrophic issue that will require a tube and B. I wouldn’t be able to get the tire reseated if it unseats so might as well just bring a tube. Is my reasoning flawed?

Your reasoning is fine but you’re going to get a small puncture next time you ride


If it helps-- I’ve never had a non-panaracer tire unseat when deflated.

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If you are are a tire/rim combo that unseats (I’m looking at you Conti and DT Swiss) you’re probably boned. But otherwise. Yeah a plug.

I didn’t carry one for years and was fine. But now I do and I’ve used it a few times. Coincidence?

I didn’t know about Conti/DT unseating issues! Have you found Conti stuff unseats a lot on other rims, namely common carbon stuff like Nexti/Roval/Reserve?

They seem to stay put on the Nextie and LB rims I’ve had.

DT alloy rims seem to have a similar issue with some Pirelli and Maxxis tires too though.

I love to know if there are in fact slightly different patents or accepted dimensions for this that all fall “close enough” into the “standard”. Because there certainly is quite a bit of variance out there.

You can’t use a plug with reens. They can’t handle that shit.

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They take bacon strips quite well though

Perhaps the not ultralight ones, but I’ve only ever used the ones made of tissue paper. They only die via sidewall and the sidewalls are irrepairable.

Unpopular but my Challenge Strada Bianchi won’t seat fully even with a tube and 80psi on a Belgium. Which is why I have not made it to tubeless with them yet. Going to revert to tire shaped tires rather than suspender shaped tires.