i have a bike.

i have panniers coming in the mail

now i need the intermediate step.

what’s a good rear rack? is this an area where a cheap/average one works just as well as something shit-fancy from tubus?

also: extra points for it being black

extra points for it being pink. mander’s is the shit.

i dont really know much other than my standard rack works and was cheapish. i dont know how necessary it is to get into higher end/expensive stuff other than it might save you a little bit of weight

I got these, it cost me $500 for 2 hours though

[quote=Critical Jeff]I got these, it cost me $500 for 2 hours though


That’s less than they cost her!!

If you don’t have large feet (which necessitates a rack that accommodates them) you can usually get away with picking up whatever $20 model a bike shop has sitting around.

feet? oh, because of hitting the rack when your foot is at 3-o-clock?

Straight back, yes. You might also have issues because of short chain stays (Kilo, right?)… I’d wait until you have the bag and take it with you to a shop to check them out.

Sage advice. Racks are pretty much all the same in the sub-$50 level.

raleigh oneway actually, more relaxed and fat tires and that goodness

Then any rack will work. I had a One Way for a couple months and I think it had decently long stays.

you can get the topeak rack from any LBS. it comes in silver at wiggle, but you already ordered from them.

I have an Axiom rack that seems fine to me. It’s cheap and comes in black. Built solidly, as far as I can tell. Took me about 30 minutes to install, and I haven’t had to fuck with it since. It holds my panniers (Ortlieb) just fine and does what it’s supposed to do.

Planet Bike, Blackburn, Axiom, Topeak, etc etc all make good cheap basic racks. Just hit the LBS and grab what you like.