really bad handlebar/lever setups itt

Half of the bikes on the internet belong in this thread.

I always thought a ‘notable cockpit’ thread would be in order though.

Also, none of the ones posted here are particularly bad.

They’re not particularly good in any way either. Proper bar setups are not particularly difficult to achieve and improper ones are worthy of notice ATMO.


prollys is just plain bad but the other two just need to have the bars angled up. none as heinous as, well, all the heinous shit we have dug up over the years.

What’s one’s thought process in angling bars like that?

Man, I’d rather ride the Prolly bike than that Merlin.

merlin looks to be put together right, just needs to have the angle fixed. Prollys bars are fucked and looks like someone either has no idea of how a bikes contact points should work and is looking to compromise or really doesnt understand the bars they put on

At first I thought they were some riser-compact hybrids.

Ummm…any handlebar setup could be made decent, if you just fixed the angle or something like that. That’s not the point of this thread!

lol, give me 20 min and and allen key and I’ll sort 'em all right out!

reminds me of surfcat and his ride by batraping

That was the tarckest fucking thing any of us have ever done.

All that needs is a stem, bars, brake levers and some batrape dude.