Recumbentist's non-Recumbent V3

Just putting this here for posterity. No I’m not using ergos.


You should give ergos a chance


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What does tukt mean?

chainstays are racy short; totally well within SRAM frame specifications but rear end tight n tukt

Hmm I know nothing about geometry, I just trust in RE. What does this mean in practical terms?

Oh I have another question. I wanted to use a post with a 2.5-cm setback, so Rob made the chairpost tube a little steeper. I’m not going to second-guess Rob but I’m wondering what the implications of that are (if any)

Always trust your frame builder, especially when it’s RE.

Stays should lend themselves to snappy acceleration and notes of lovely climbing feel

Altering STA is how you accommodate the setback of choice, there shouldn’t really be any practical implications there. Just puts the butt in the right spot relative to the BB.

Thanks! Yeah I would never second guess him, I just don’t want to bother him with more DQ’s.

With the exception of stack this is near identical to the last Indy Fab road bike I had made…it was great. I’d ride this bike.

It’s basically identical to my original bike from 10 years ago but disc brake and made to accommodate up to 32s. Oh and it is going to be brown pink and white instead of sad flat black.

What fork?

Allied Road disc

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It says so right on the drawing, you dummy

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Don’t trust what you read

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Who’s going to be making it?

who else would ferg get a bike from?



Ah yes, the neapolitan.


I dunno, I would say 416 is pretty normal for a pure road bike. I would call <410 short and >420 long when it comes to road bikes.