Relationship Accelerator: tandem thread

Lots of tandem talk all over the place these days. Figured we’d get it all in one place.

I’m working on tuning up this old Burley as a “guest tandem.” But it’s slow going.

This is friends tandem from their wedding last weekend.


I also have a spare set of tandem cranks if someone needs them for a project bike.

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tandems are cool

tandem w sup is my worst nightmare
im sure she agrees


We took ours out for nachos and beer the other day.


how does anti-riv tarck feel about the riv tandem? Seems like best/coolest tandem available for normal riding right now, maybe ever

Here’s ours:

It’s currently got a tubus tara and that boxy poler bag we all bought on the front for snacks.

@bward1028 bay area tandem tarckup some day?


I’m down, once I get one.



For $1000 more you can get a complete comotion. With disc brakes. So no, not really a good deal.

There’s really nothing better than a whole gang of tandems riding together.

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I will have mine next week, stay tuned

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a Mocha starts at $4k

@bward1028 those 26" tandem aerospokes I was talking about might actually be Spins.

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Bluebird is $3k

Optimized for 700c wheels and 32mm tires

Not really apples to apples though

New sup and I had this discussion on our first big ride together. We were both unanimously in agreement that tandems were not for us since its nice to take a break during a long ride and be independent for a bit if you get a burst of energy or just need to chill out and not listen to someone else yapping.

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false alarm, they were a different set of wheels

Thoughts on your conversion from 700c->650b on your Schwinn? Entertaining the idea of buying this with the idea that we could 650b it later if we like it

It was a million times better than the stupid 27 x 1 1/8 tires it had.

But I think it’s going to be tough to convert that back end of that bike. The seatstays are fastback and straight so those won’t have enough clearance, and I’d bet with that chainstay length and size it’s just as tight down there.

then the other one kicks their feet up and takes a break (easier to do as a stoker)

earplugs? how much yapping are you doing?