Removing paint from Deep V's

Anyone done this?
Tips? My bike is flashier than I am. Or at least more than I’m comfortable with.

Well, if they are weinnmans, you could probably just use paint stripper, aircraft stripper probably. Velocity rim are annodized color usually, so you might have some more trouble…you could try oven cleaner, otherwise you might have to re-annodize them clear or sand em with high grit paper and polish em a bit.

Ahh, should have mentioned that. Yeah, they’re painted, so I’ll try the paint stripper. I’m guessing they’re sprayed? Acrylic paint stripper?

Dunno, but everyone else uses aircraft stripper from auto parts stores on their bikes, so that would be my first try.

are your rims laced up as wheels now?

Yeah. . . Uh oh. . .

I’d put a low profile black front rim on it and call it good. Like, open pro cd to a formula or something…
no painting necessary.

hmm, me likey. I’m building a dt1.1 or 1.2 next no matter what. 1.1 is low pro and comes in black. . . Shopping time!

I love bikes with deep profile rear rims and lower profile fronts.
I think it looks cool.

Steps to remove paint from deep V:

1.) Install brake
2.) Apply brake

just use oven cleaner.

didn’t raefixie do this? or did he polish his rims (in between hating his step dad and falling, of course. i miss that kid.)

hahhaa that kid

He really hated his step dad.

Fuck yourself.