Revolving list of For Sale

This is cleaner than making a bunch of threads. prices are shipped prices.

31.8 clamp dropper lever - $25

full set of deore tandem cranks. cr bolts are shot and probably need to be drilled out. - $50

also looking to part ways with the little folding bike but not sure on price. should be cheap but annoying to ship. full dynamo light setup.

and the medium look 585 frame w/ or w/o topolino wheelset

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What length are the tandem cranks?

170mm stoker, 175mm captain

Oh man that folder is very very tempting.

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Also tempted by the folder, and I might be able to pick it up.

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i want that folder. i’m not gonna buy it because there are more pressing items. but fuck i want it. ka-2.0 gang


folding bike $250 plus shipp. i’d like to keep the saddle and pedals, or at least that saddle and those pedals

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You’re killing me brooks. I need another bike like I need another hole in my head!



litespeed self inflating pad. some stains from camping stuff.

$20, obviously unshippable

no one here should want this for $200. no shipping

I’d ride that if it were magically in ohio

i changed some stuff around.


sold to some guy whos going to use it as a shutte bike for kayaking. so, leaving the tarck fami;y but not falling too far from the tree


I’ll live the rest of my life in regret but it sounds like it’s going to a good home.


2x flites, $30 shipped. leather is ok. obviously i recovered the purple one.
Thomson stem 10 degree 1100mm 31.8mm $25
tioga saddle $20
king ss cage, 2x, $12, pick up only

Pdw takeout basket. $60 plus shipp

Revelate Pika. $60 plus shipp

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