rim options

okay guise,

I’ve got my Campagnolo Record 32h track hubs and I want to lace them to some tubular rims for the track this summer. What are my best options? Price isn’t too big of a deal although with my lack of race experience I don’t want to spend $10000000 dollars.

Mavic Reflex

maybe Araya 16B Gold

Araya = baller
Hoping to grab some for my da lf hubs once I unlace them.


hplus son, son

16Bs are ok, but they’re really nothing to write home about.

Real baller would be finding some dead stock ADX-1s.

I was unaware of a tubular Hplusson option.

Traditional, get Arayas. Non-traditional? Get some Kinlin TB-25s.


get montreal if on budget.
f20 if you don’t weigh alot.
nemesis if you need good riding and tough.


or watch ebay for some NOS mavic gp4…