Rival RD question

so I just recieved my Rival group in the mail today and am concerned I got a bum barrel adjuster on the rear derailleur.

Is there supposed to be a spring in there? Mine doesn’t have one and the barrel spins almost freely…is this normal?

my silver has no spring IIRC cable tension keeps it taut
i’ll check my black rival when i get to the shop laters

Mine does that too. I just don’t use that barrell adjuster and use the one on my cable stop.

cool, thanks guys

dum questions thread

sorry, was being selfish


that how is suppose to go

It’s just a big piece of shit, is all.

lol, no one hates SRAM as much as BC.
And no one hates springs as much a SRAM. My ss levers have no return spring either.

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