Rizer Rebelz

Let’s incorporate.

I’m in.

In for sin.


can someone make us a sig?

Get your own knuckles at the knuckle tattoo gun.

Is this for people who rebel against the ‘trend’ of using risers, or people who rebel against using what you’re supposed to use on a track bike?

Whoa. Fuck. Yes.

(I’m in.)


holy shit, that rulz

good job on the ourys blicks!

count me in

I would have been in, but now that it’s cool I’m out.

7:00 in the wash, be there… no hooking bars, no sticks in spokes, flying tamales legel

Y’all know where my allegiance lies, but that’s pretty awesome.

Well done, Blicks.

CONFESSION: The vast majority of my riding in the last month or so has been on the rizr’d beater.


mind → implode

those ourys rock my little world. i’m totally in. plus i’ve got a drop stem to go with them soon, thanks to rabbi. is that taking it too far?

Now make a shop of the Odyssey Aaron Ross keyboard grips.

whoa nice blicks.

Whoa. Fuck. Yes.


holy shit, that rulz[/quote]