Roadrunner Bag Sale

Sorry, I know this is in the wrong place, if DumbJim or whoever can delete it in an hour that’s great. I didn’t want any interested parties to miss it.

Roadrunner Bags has a 420 sale going on for another 28 minutes. It ends at 5:20 pacific time. Discount code is LIT420 for 42% off.

420 sale?

Yeah, no. Fuck them.

Cool thread

It was a good discount on great USA-made stuff, but it’s over now. The cottage manufacturers never do sales.

Someone should delete the thread now

Mistakes live forever here.

[quote=mdilthey]It was a good discount on great USA-made stuff, but it’s over now. The cottage manufacturers never do sales.

Someone should delete the thread now[/quote]

Except, 420 sale. Yet another one of those moments when…

In any case, eventually you’ll figure out tarck works.

Roadrunner bags suck. Floppy ass weak stitched bullshit. A casual commuter would kill one of his bags in a normal year.

Or maybe they can’t.

Kinda dumb? Sure. But also wonderful to only do it for 1 hour.

Pretty happy with the little backpack I got last year, it looks fine and works.

And for the record, I don’t smoke weed, but I do love me a flash sale.

I do smoke weed and I hate 420

The fact that you posted this thread proves otherwise

You’re not fuckin lyin. I smoke weed everyday and I’m not ashamed about it. Yesterday was the 4/20 rally in Denver and (aside from fucking up the one day this month I actually had to take an uber somewhere) they completely trashed downtown. Like, there’s news articles about how trashed it is.


(oh i’m sure someone else will pick up all these burrito wrappers)

Fuck me.

eh, guy at voodoo donut was pretty baked and gave me and my friend a bunch of free donuts and coffee because we had to wait for a gigantic leaf donut to get drawn on. The rest of my 4/20 was spent studying for a midterm that night.

I’ve seen/used quite a few art-is-anal bags and the quality/construction has ranged from meh to very good. Chrome, Mission Workshop, and even Timbuk2 may no longer be cool, but their quality is good and consistent. If you don’t mind the lack of organizational amenities, the Ortlieb messenger backpacks are bombproof.

I was on campus all day, and didn’t see a single thing happen. And weed was just decriminalized in Mass, you’d think it’d be a field day.

I did hear screeching tires and a huge crash right outside my house. Rode my bike over to see what happened. Right along the major route (116), there was a smashed mailbox on one side of the road and a completely leveled fence on the other side, with deep ruts in the ground. The driver had sped off. A guy who saw it says he almost hit oncoming traffic twice. As is typical of useless fucking bystanders, nobody had called the cops so I did it myself (non-emergency line) and then had to explain to the police that even though 6 people saw it, the person calling wasn’t one of them. Annoying.

Anyways, given that this person swerved across oncoming traffic to hit a mailbox, then shifted and reversed across both lanes and 25 feet of grass to go THROUGH a fence, and then went back across the road into a third property before speeding off, I guarantee you they were drunk. Not high, drunk.

You want to talk about damaging substances in the US, alcohol abuse is soooo much worse than weed. I’ve never felt unsafe in a car with someone who was high. With something like 40,000 local students, 4/20 is a walk in the park compared to Cinco de Mayo or St. Patrick’s Day.

I was gonna order a couple burrito bags and a seat bag, but I took a nap and forgot. Oh well.

i’m very happy this thread about a temporary sale for bags of questionable quality has become a discussion about the relative merits of alcohol versus marijuana, this is good #content

I’m no LOLYOLO420BLAZEr but I did grab one of the frame bags. Will report back.

My late sister basically drank herself to death. Never heard of anyone smoking (weed) themselves to death.

I smoke weed and love 420 cuz dummmb, but didn’t smoke weed on 420 cos I hate doing the thing that some holiday tells me to do.