'round Lake Michigan

Live around lake Michigan? Ever biked around Lake Michigan? Know anything cool around lake Michigan?

I leave on Monday for a clockwise ride around the lake and figured I’d see if anyone on here had anything to say about it. We’re following a guidebook, but local knowledge never hurts and neither does meeting new people (unless of course they hurt you).

[size=85]p.s. we’re leaving from Chicago so I don’t really need to know about here[/size]

You are going all the way around?

I think Tom Stormcrowe has done some touring in the UP of Michigan. I used to spend summers in Northern Michigan. It is pretty countryside and the Michigan shore has lots of small towns to see. There is good water skiing on Torch Lake.

You’re going to see some pretty forests and some really depressing looking towns.

If I hadn’t recently got this job, my girlfriend and I would be doing the same thing right about now. We might still, come fall, but I’m worried about campsites being closed or possibly catching some crazy freak storm.

^what job did you get


Yeah, we’re going around the whole thing. We are following 'Round Lake Michigan: A Bicyclist’s Tour Guide which has a route of 1221 miles and about 200 miles more of ‘extra’ rides. We’re taking 20 days to do it, but have no leeway in terms of when we get back since the person I’m riding with starts school the day after we’re supposed to return.

I have no job so this is a perfect time for me to do it. Never gone touring, nor done any rides over 60 miles, so it will be interesting. Not sure how tough the person I’m going with is either. I’d like to kick out 70-80 mile days when we do ride so that we have time to rest/escape storms/see cool shit on other days if we want to. But who knows if that will happen.

And Zombie, that’s the impression I’ve been getting. It seems the natural setting is gorgeous but the economies of the area leave a lot to be desired.