RS-785 11s di2 parts


Cosmetically not great, but as best I can tell, everything here still functions correctly. You will need a new right shifter hood (damage was incurred when I broke my collarbone), and a set of hoses. Includes the hydro shift levers, the seat tube-mounted battery, the di2 charger, 6870 pusher and short cage dangler, bar end di2 junction, and the appropriate y-harness, junction boxes, and other cables to hook it all up on a 58cm sized frame. Also includes the di2 usb charger. Oh and the not leaky R785 post mount calipers that go with the levers.

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AArrrrggh! I don’t have enough money this month! :-(

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Just console yourself that your money equals the same, and not half, like mine does : (


Ohhhh want. Postage to Oz probably too much hassle and cost though

Dibs to Orc on the di2 bits

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Ill take this stuff