Russ's free stuff thread

Free stuff #1
two MTB brake levers and one V-brake


Free stuff #2
9x 8x 5x 4x 2x Casio F91W


i’ll take a casio (are you willing to send just one or is it a package deal?)

i cam email off a prepaid shipping label

i’ll snag these v brakes.

we’re going out for a tandem ride in a bit, could stop by your place probably

Definitely in for a Casio. Does it have a band? Why do you have so many?

if more than 9 people want them, i probably have 4 or 5 in a bin somewhere too.


fuck it lemme try watches again

he’s just starting an extremist group (hello FBI)


The Casios all have a band
However many anyone wants, DM or email me a shipping label to you from 210 Corbett Ave., SF CA 94114
fogle.russell@gmail dot com
Dimensions 6"x9"x1", 3oz for envelope + 1 watch, +1oz for every watch after that.
Should be $4 for first class up to 8oz
Dibs in order of shipping labels

@bward1028 sorry I missed you, next time you’re gonna go for a ride let me know and I’ll leave them outside for you that morning

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Free things #3
This hammock
no straps
It’s the two person size

Free things #4
harbor freight buffer
extra wheel
paging @goddamnitsol

Free things #5
rockymounts 47" track kit

these things will be more expensive to ship obvs

Hammock dibs


goddamnit i was gonna. bea good boy and ignore that!!!

What is your timeline? I will be working 12 hour/day in petaluma every day until christmas. Can you hold until then? I don’t think I will have time to do anything but work and sleep

@goddamnitsol if you can get it before end of year I’ll hang on to it for you

I’ll take all the casios

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Lots of people have dibsed a Casio but only one person has sent a shipping label! Send a shipping label and they’re yours @BEEutiful_Wednesday. Anybody else who wants one (or more!!) can still get as many as they want if they send a shipping label first.

obviously i am too stupid to get the $4 pricing on usps wabspace
i can get flat rate envelope but that’s no good

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put your address as both the to/from

select first class mail

put 4oz in the weight field