Rusty Piton’s put my kid through college sale thread.

Buy my junk!
This is a Shwinn Tempo. It’s a nice frame for what it is, Tenax tubing. Comes with the Tange headset. $100 bucks plus shipping.

You still have that rear paul track hub laying around?

The Schwinn is Italian, you can tell because paint


Yeah but it’s not a track hub. It’s threaded for a freewheel only. 36h.

Ok here’s another one.
This one is a Colian made by English bike maker Colin Laing. It’s obviously been repainted with some pretty but delicate paint. Comes with CK threaded headset and DA 9000 bb. It accepts a 27.2 seat post. $269 plus shipping.

Also comes with sweet custom Tarck bear head badge.

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What size are the top tubicals Mr Uncle Rudy?

56ish. I can’t believe I forgot to measure that lol.

Ok here’s the Cherry Bomb. It has a 60cm top tube but it fits like a 56 somehow. I don’t know how geometry works. Comes with the 27.0 seatpost, the DA NJS headset and the hydro rim brakes which fit on special brazeons so so cantis for this bike unfortunately. It also has brazeons for internal gear hub cabling. $100 plus shipping.

I’m gonna bump this thread to say that any reputable tarcker can have this bike for the cost of shipping.

does it want to come to SF?
I’ve been wanting a fixed cross bike for a bit

I dunno, does it?
I wouldn’t call it a cross bike though, kind of a proto 29er. Easily fits 2.1" tires. You’re gonna wanna use some nice wide rims. Braking was always very mediocre with tb14s.

every wheel i have is Rhynolites.
sounds like it’ll fit at least a 35mm tire? if so, i’ll send you a label.

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under fenders even.

righto. sold.


I memmer when you did a wheelie