Rusty's old FUSO - a pink 54cm road bike/hybrid

After 7 years or so in my possession, it’s time for this bike to find a new home. I would love for it to stay in the tarck family. Set up as a 1x9 hybrid as a fast city bike. It’s quite a joy to ride if you’re okay on skinny tires. There are no provisions for fenders (I had them p-clamped on). It does have a pump peg, but my frame pump broke. Would be fairly easy to convert it back into a road bike if hybrids aren’t your style.

Seat tube: 54cm
Top tube: 54.5cm

The good: overall the paint looks great, everything is in working order besides the items listed below.

The bad: there’s some surface rust anywhere the paint is chipped. Most of this is new as it lived out in the shed this winter. There’s also some rust under the paint where the cable braze ons are located on the top tube. This existed when I got the frame from Rudy and hasn’t gotten much worse. I had fenders on it, which rubbed the paint off in a couple small paces - these are more fresh. If you’re a judicious owner, you’ll probably want to sand and touch up a few spots to keep it pristine.

The tires are very old and just left on the bike until it finds a new home, as i didn’t see any reason to buy new tires in case the next owner wants to pick out their own.
The rims are pretty worn from my rainy pdx days.
The pedals are pretty bad - you probably wont want these. They were adequate for my use.
Saddle is fairly trashed.

Ultegra 6500 rear hub, brakes, cranks, 105 front hub, open pro rims. Deore XT rear derailleur with a 9-speed mountain cassette. Brand new bars + alivio 9 speed trigger shifter. Fairly new ergon grips (slightly chopped to fit my old bars, which had a bend much closer to the grip). Campy headset and nitto stem.

I’m open to keep a few bits if you dont want all these parts, but would like to at the bare minimum sell the frame, cranks, wheels. You probably want the stem too as it’s a very purdy nitto dynamic 100mm.

Asking $700 + actual shipping for the whole shebang cuz she does need a bit of fixin’ up in the long run (tires and new rims eventually).


This is one of my favorite tarck bikes.

Paging @Rusty_Piton

You’ve had this for seven and a half years?!?


Shit that thing is super cool. Damnnnnnn I don’t need another bike.

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Maybe only 7… I bought it when I lived in Portland, but I already worked at stages so must have been early 2014.


I tried to get my friend in pdx to buy it, but it turns out he owns 15 bikes already.


Kinda seems like @straws does, in fact, need another bike.
I’ll throw in a beat up Italian saddle to whoever buys this bike.

It would be the perfect bike for me right now. I dont want to ride my clydesdale all the time which only leaves me with a pursuit track bike or very aggressive cross race bike. Not exactly great for my back.


You know what you need to do Brian.


Yea, ride the pursuit track bike more and get this bike.

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