Ruthworks Ultralight Rando bag

I had this made for my Orc rack, it’s 12"w x 10" tall x 10" deep, I think it’s some kind of x-pac fabric, with internal plastic panels. Has a sleeve that fits over the rack tombstone, two pouch pockets on the back, a clear map sleeve on the top, a pouch on the front, and sleeve pockets on the sides. There are two removable straps that can be used to secure it to your handlebars (which I used), or you could set it up for decaleur life.

Asking $80+shipping


Thats a very good deal. I’m tempted.

That’s dyneema and it’s hella expensive. This bag is a crazy deal.

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thanks for the correction!

I forgot to take a picture of the bottom, it’s got velcro attachments that go around rack rails, and it’s kinda dirty right now:

Oh that’s a pretty bag, but I’ve got about 10 yards of xpac cluttering up my bike mess and I should use that before buying some of Ely’s stuff.

Bag is claimed pending payment

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Great deal, and whoever got this got a fantastic bag, but it’s not Dyneema, it’s Dimension-Polyant LiteSkin. Looks like prob LS07, perhaps LS21.

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Ahhh, I thought it was CT2k.18.


Oh good, I want this but don’t need it to sit on the shelf in my garage.

it’s headed back to SF

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Put my contact info inside the bag, I’ll give them $80 for it next year.


Got it. I’ve got a fork it’ll look nice on too.

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If someone has something similar I’ll buy it

Similar in that it’s a box shaped bag. Want a poler bag/cooler? I think it’s still in my garage.

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I think i’m going to sell this bag, if anyone wants it for the same price. it’s a little big for my drop bar situation.
Shipping stuff is kind of a process these days, but i can still get it done.


I’ll do that if you want to mess with shipping

i think sold locally already

Oh good.