Say it ain't so: The Assploded Bike Parts Picture Thread.

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Shimano gonna pull out of cycling after filing for bankruptcy dealing with this recall. Thanks Braden!!



It’s Australia so all of the pressures spin backwards


interesting bit at the end of that article that’s been nagging me as well. why are R9100 and R8000 cranks made after july 2019 not recalled, what changed? really hoping someone gets a pre-july19 and post-july19 arm and bandsaws each in half to see what’s going on inside.

Maybe they used a different adhesive?
Weren’t most of the cranks failing at the adhesive and then cracking because of that?
That was the impression I got from looking at pictures anyway.

Considering what a clusterfuck this recall seems to be, there’s probably a halfway decent chance they just picked a cutoff date arbitrarily. :rofl:

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Can I warranty my unbroken ultegra cranks for a new set of GRX?

That’s been something I’ve been wondering about as well. Did they do some sort of change like surface prep, assembly flow, different adhesive? Probably lots of variables to play with there.

I’ve also been wondering if the failures have been adhesive (failure in the bond between the surface and the adhesive) or cohesive (failure within the adhesive layer itself).

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could be, or maybe something as simple as different surface prep with the same adhesive. armchair engineers talking about it seemed split between the bond straight-up failing, or the aluminum underneath the bonded area corroding away (ordinary aluminum-in-hot/salty-environment problems? galvanic corrosion with the steel spindle?)

yeah given that they’re inspecting for failure before replacing rather than just replacing all of them, I wonder if someone at Shimano was like “well the ones past this date are new enough that we’ll find zero that are failed so don’t even bother to inspect”


That seems unlikely - 2019 mfg means they could be in the field for 4 years already. I think these cranks started to fail in 2015 (enough so that they admitted they were aware of the issue in 2016), so they were already failing within 3 years. There must have been a manufacturing change.

I recall coming across minor failures of this nature when I was inspecting returned cranks in 2015. I don’t think I was doing any warranty stuff in 2016. I was only ever looking at left cranks, but I saw “white dust” around the bond seam area on a few left cranks and bond separation at the bolt-end (which we assumed was due to overtorquing the bolts at the time - there was a common spot to see cracks right between the innermost bolt and the BB side of the crank where the material is very thin and it is bonded right there as well.


I know that for the new Ultegra and DA 12 speed cranks they added a physical plug in the spindle that supposedly prevents moisture from getting in to the DS crank arm. I haven’t had an opportunity to look at different 11s production lots to see if they made a similar change though.

Just as I was starting to be amazed that I’d yet to puncture these supple round creatures. Big hunk of bottle glass got me. Put a ~7mm cut in the tan wall just above the black tread. Darts did nothing. Had to put a tube in.

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They’re too beautiful to live.


On this note… all three of my bikes have slow leaks.

This reminds me that I need to build my PUB disc wheels.


Valve didn’t take kindly to being pumped

Warrantied I found out

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JRA on some singletrack, hope my framebuilder can pull the rear triangle alignment back into place


I found that I’ve worn identical holes in two pairs of bib shorts. Initially, I thought it was a rough spot on my under-seat bag that must be snagging the short, but I figured out it’s the back of my thigh rubbing the seatpost clamp - I’ve worn off the anodization. Now I’m trying to figure out a different post with a bit more setback and a clamp with a smoother shape.