Say it ain't so: The Assploded Bike Parts Picture Thread.

Doing some basement cleaning today I came across the old Tarck edition TB-14s that I commuted on for years. They’re totally roached and not tubeless so they’re going out to the alley for the junk man. I decided to cut out the valve hole badge for posterity. Here’s what I found:

Look at that lovely corrosion!


I’ve still got my set sitting unbuilt in a closet. One day…

The whole process from idea to creation to badge was pretty amazing to me, and when I hear others recommend them (outside of any Tarck knowledge) is a bonus. Definitely gonna save the badge when mine finally go.


So much this

Got this one in today.

Calls to Shimano warranty are starting to catch up to Sram.

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bad news is i have a 6800 crank. good news is i don’t ride that bike and am currently in the dad-chrysalis, getting weaker and weaker before i emerge with the oddly specific and inconsistent but effective when necessary strength that can only be gained through non-cycling related sacrifice


oh snap are you @thanksshimano on IG?

‘Bike makes noise when I pedal’. Big hammer was used quite a bit. Spindle was shredded by the stuck on bearing race.

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Neat, I’ve never seen a shimano crank separated into its constituent, unbonded parts before. Thanks for posting this

Ugh, I have those cranks on my road bike I think.

I think it’s pretty unlikely that anyone needs to worry about that sort of failure. Obviously it’s possible, but out of literally thousands or tens of thousands that I’ve seen and worked on, I’ve never seen this happen.

I’ve seen photos of more than a few now.

A recall wouldn’t be shocking. As sharp as this one was where it broke the rider is lucky she wasn’t seriously injured.

It’s a pretty terrible design imo. The aluminum doesn’t appear to be treated at all before it is glued together. From what I can tell oxidation starts inside the crank after moisture gets in and starts wreaking havoc on the bond with the epoxy.


6600 was the peak of shimano’s road cranks for me. one piece hollow forged, no glue, works with non OEM rings without looking derpy.

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They should stop dragging their asses and make a carbon crank already. It’s true they are not without failure, but I’m sure Shimano can make a durable one that’s all the bee’s knees.

What about that ultra rare 7800 carbon crank? Was it actually any lighter than the aluminium one?

Exactly, they’re just being dicks about insisting on this 2 piece forged bullshit. I get it, you have excellent forging capabilities found nowhere else in the industry. Just because you can…

Holy shit I never even realized that. Shimano doesn’t make a carbon crank. Honestly what the fuck.

Carbon Rules Everything Around Me

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What might’ve been.

My old boss designed mid-air refuelers for Airbus which were held together with adhesive, and I don’t need to tell you the kind of stresses that sort of application sees. Shimano’s definitely fucked up on a lot of the new Ultegra cranks, but there’s really nothing fundamentally wrong with a two-piece bonded system such as this.