Schwinn Fastback Carbon Large - $750 shipped BNIB *SOLD*

I have acquired this bike through means and it is too large for me.

Does anyone want it?
It is this bike:

Does it suck?

Im not going to lie to you and tell you it’s better than a crumpton. It probably rides like all the other open mold carbon bikes. It’s Schwinn so Dorel makes it. It looks nice quality. I haven’t ridden or built it. It has actual 105 cranks, brakes and hubs. The rims are probably not awesome but there’s nothing to hate about the bike. If you want a carbon bike for cheap that has good enough parts all the way down this is that.

I have a friend who might be interested. Let me ask

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This is a really nice bike. Somebody buy it before it sells on eBay for way more money.

Should I buy it, spraypaint it bright yellow and put vintage Schwinn Varsity decals on it?


Also, what kinda bottom bracket does it take?

Looks like English threaded but I can double check.

I have a can leftover of fluro yellow from But the decals on it are just glossy black on matte. It’s real clean looking already.

It would need to look like this but a sweet modern carbobike:

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Looks like a job for @Andrew_Squirrel after the success of his mock lime bike.

For $1000 I will custom paint this bike.