schwinn madison, full fenders (x-posted)

specifically, i’m wondering how velo-orange 45mm fenders will fit, in terms of if it will fit with a brake (or with the stock fork at all) and toe overlap (size small). i’m looking for new beater while i wait for my pretty frame, and i want one that’ll run full fenders (meaning: not race blades). will i have to get smaller fenders? i might just man up and get some honjos if the vos don’t work.

The size small schwinn Madison has some toe overlap without fenders but it’s not really that bad.

I’d be pretty surprised if 45mm fenders fit. Even 35s would be tough if not impossible.

If you’re looking for a fender-friendly beater, the Jury looks like a good option.

well, it has the braze-ons, so i feel like some set of fenders must at least fit the width of the fork.

and i’d love to get the jury, but i’m on a budget. i can get the schwinn for sub $400, and some cheap upgrades on top of it. i’d rather get a somewhat-decent bike, instead of building another janky conversion. i’m putting some money into a custom frame come spring/summer, but i need a new bike to at least get me through until then.

and i’d rather not ride my current bike daily. she doesn’t deserve that abuse.

immediate edit: maybe i will get the jury, then transfer parts over to my new frame when i need to. we’ll see.

If you want a beater, buy an old road frame off craigslist.

Yeah. I don’t get the “janky conversion” stigma. Nothing wrong with a nice conversion.

Oh, I’m gonna do it!

Yeah. I don’t get the “janky conversion” stigma. Nothing wrong with a nice conversion.[/quote]

there’s nothing wrong with building up an old road frame, in fact i’m quite fond of them and their practicality. but there’s more bang for your buck if you buy a complete, that’s just how it is. plus, many of these entry level “track bikes” are simply road bikes with track ends. this means that i can get that road-ish geometry in a new bike. maybe “beater” wasn’t the right word, i don’t know. i’d just rather buy a complete, make a few necessary upgrades, and save for parts for my next build.

madison has track geometry

^i disagree.

they changed the madison geo from the '07 to the '08. the '07 has fairly tight geometry, with a good bit of toe-overlap and a fairly short top tube. the '08 is noticeably more road-like.

no clue what they did to the '09, except that it comes with fsa cranks and 700x28 tires.