Scouting Death Ride

I went for a ride last Saturday that scouted half of the famed Death Ride route. Death Ride is 5 passes around Tahoe over 135 miles. We rode 2.5 passes in 70 miles with 8000+ feet of climbing at an elevation of 5200’ or higher. The highest pass we crossed, Monitor (a Cat 1), reaches 8314’. I had a good time though two of the climbs took 60+ minutes and were brutally hard. I cracked about 60 miles in with 1500 feet of climbing left to do into a 35+mph headwind. Things went from bad to worse when I ran out of water. Luckily I found a country store to get some water and food at then got my legs back to make it over Luther pass.

Climbing Luther pass from Tahoe

A hint of snow on Luther above 7500’

Headed up Monitor, another 40 minutes or so of grinding left to do

Looking back

So sexy

At 7500’ and still climbing, the peaks in the background are 9500-10000+’. The road in the foreground is the only “flat” part of Monitor

This little stretch is where you climb through 8000’ for the first time

Sweet jesus

Time to head back

River crossing

Almost to the road with the killer headwinds enroute to Luther Pass

Lake Tahoe

fuck that

that looks like fun!

such a masochist.


Nice jersey.
Rapha = Posers

riding up a hill is bogus.

i hiked that pass and it was fucking tough. biking it must be easy though.

looks awesome!

hella jellz

[quote=zooktruck]Nice jersey.
Rapha = Posers[/quote]

Sweet ride. Beautiful country. Tough climbing, props!