scream when you burn

I believe this has been discussed. Welcome back.

yeah uh, you should catch up on some of the page 2/3 threads.

Welcome back from rl.

my bad yo.

i think it’s awesome btw

So do some of us.

Welcome back, shitbird!

it may be temporary.


We already lost thehappyrobot.

I think its pretty cool IMHO.

We already lost thehappyrobot.[/quote]

dont compare me to that fat fuck

Is it so bad to say that you are both missed?

who would miss me

I did.
I missed you instigating shit.

i will

Fuck, things were going so well too.

let’s rub dicks

“im bizzaro stormy”

“im regular stormy”

So I can punch them

“im bizzaro stormy”

“im regular stormy”[/quote]

Bizzaro I love you Bizzaro Bizzaro Bizzaro I love you I love you Bizzarro Bizzaro I love you Bizzaro