search the hoard: new wanted/looking for thread

here’s a place to post things you’re looking for because someone probably has it

e.g. feedbag style stem/bar bag, VO Cigne stem

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Soft search, more serious next week when, but a straight 1 1/8 steerer carbon disc cross fork. 250mm out so of steerer.

52cm or so touring bike or frame.

Looking for a 120-130mm quill stem 25.4 or 26mm clamp

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Are you ok with a 90deg?

Always casually looking for a 650b rim brake Shimano wheelset. Cheap is better than expensive because it’d go on a grocery bike

WTB Shimano compatible thumbies or similar.

No longer needed. Now looking for a 650b rim brake 8-10 shimano wheelset.

WTB: Crankset, 5x130bcd or 5x110bcd.
Non-silver color.
Rings not critical.

Looking for something interesting/dumb to put on my Sundeal.

Dura Ace 7410?
Specialized 110/74 double flag?

Thanks I’m going to hold out for non-silver.

Is the sundeal crank a 144?

Also fu for turning down a da crank for a sundeal. You think it gets better?

A DA crank would set me upon a path of silver grouppo bling, once in hand I would be powerless to resist.

Refusing now is my only hope.


What arm length? I may have something weird floating around my parts bin

170-175 not picky about that for this.

Sounds good, I’ll see what I can dig up once I’m off work

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I got a set of those Paul things and a bunch of downtube/bar end shifters. How many gears?

I’ve got shifters, just looking for the mounts. The shifters I have are the Ultegra 8 speed if that makes any diff.

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I’ll dig them out of the parts bin next chance I get.

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