search the hoard: new wanted/looking for thread

I might have one but I think it’s more likely a 21 or 22

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I got a cheapo one on Amazon for Ira’s little bike. Thank you though.

~58cm frame with 1 1/8 head tube that would go well with this Champs Élysées 700C Low Trail Disc Touring Fork - Soma Fabrications to make a basket bike

could make a wild mullet bike with:

or turn key fop chariot:

neither appropriately hit your search

Ideally I’d have disc rear and some tire clearance.

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On the note of old steel road bikes, I’ve got a 58cm Gios with a 1" head tube and no fork that would love a good home.

That would make for one bizarre basket bike, I’ll tell you what.

Didn’t/doesn’t someone here have a Merckx basket bike? I thought people were having fun putting those 20" cargo forks on steel roadies.

It @Bearpants who has the Clydesdale Merckx. It’s a triumph of basket bikery as would be the basket Gios. @amy had a basket Fuso. That was awesome too. I love a fancy old road bike with a basket on it.

I have a merckx townie but couldn’t figure out how to get my front rack on it safely. could maybe wald.

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^^ yeah! That!

Anyone want to give me $300 for an amazing skeleton that they can bash around town on?

Sliding dropouts for extra clearance.

And my favorite bike. Carries all the weird dumb shit I need and still faster than most other bikes.


Anyone have a deep canti hanger for a 1" steer tube that is under 10mm stack height?

Also need a regular fork crown mount for a b&m dyno light. I was a dummy and threw away what I thought was an extra one but it’s the one I need… Help me tarck parts bin, you’re my only hope.

I have the linkage closest to the light/horn in this photo as a spare. My other two B&M lights are rack mounted and I’ve got a 3rd in package (but I’m crown mounting that).

I’ll see if I have any other parts!


I have a bunch you can choose from.

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Anyone have some R559s they’d like to sell?

Looking for a 27.2 dropper. Just needs to be cheap and functional, it’s going on my commuter.