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Long shot looking for a magura hydro rim brake booster.

Also 31.8 clip on aerobars

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anyone got a nice-ish 27.2 peatsost they’d part with for like 30 bux? my last one looks like shit so i want a nice looking one. length medium

maybe, what color, and how medium

probably grantstyle(silver/chrome) to match most of the other bits on a bike. i am not sure how long i’d need. how long u got?


If I have anything, it’s going to be black and probably a Ritchey Comp

So say we all

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Universal cycles has one.

i got a sweet velo orange one but its got lotsa scratches.

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i have a pretty cheap silver one you could just have. looks like this but not extra long. i’m pretty sure it’s sitti on my workbench from when i installed my dropper a month or two ago

fwiw it’s been pretty cromulent for a good 3-4 years of heavy use

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Those Dajias are the best value seatpost atmo, have consumed and used many.

Who’s holding some black track drops? 31.8 clampway, 42 c-c widthway

Anyone got a crusty old 56cm road frameset they wanna dump so I can fuck with a 650b conversion? I’m bored and want a project.

Yeah, I’ve got two.

anyone got a parts bin quality 30.0 seatpost clamp?

I got a black salsa.