search the hoard: new wanted/looking for thread

Stuff for single speed conversion? Chainring 4 bolt 104bcd, ss bolts, cassette spacer kit, cog, chain? Was planning on 32x13 but maybe not.

I’ve got a few cogs (16 and 18t) and spacers that I’d let go cheap.

Seller says it’s for a 1-1/8" fork.


Wow. That thing’s beautiful.

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Also looks like a 1” stem if that matters

Anyone have some nice friction shifters like the short Rivendell silvers or dia-compe ene?

I have a single silver FD shifter I think if someone has a RD

I’ll jump in line for the pusher shifter if it doesn’t get dibsed.

I have a set of the traditional silver shifters

anyone have tiagra 10s flatbar shifters?

I think I have some metrea 11sp flatbar shifters

I might, give me a couple days to check in the dungeon then remind me after I forget please.

Looks like it’s a 19" ST with 23"/58cm TT.

8-speed LX for all your deadender needs.

Anyone have a set of black Soma Dream Bars? Trying to fix my fugly cockpit

Anyone got a Nalgene sized bottle cage they wanna get rid of?

Anyone have a set of v brake drop levers?

Found a trp spyre, road pull will do as well

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I got a pair of silver Tektro’s in pretty good shape.

someone sell me vbrakes!

ISO a 20" dyno wheel for my clydesdale.
I’ve been riding it enough lately that I’m tired of dealing with my crappy battery lights.


ISO 20" (406) rear wheel, rim brake, Shimano HG freehub body, Q/R.

Trying to upgrade the kiddo bike beyond 7sp freewheel.