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Gotta get small! Tryna take Amtrak up to your shitty city more often.


Why are you doing this to me! I want one so bad!

I have always kicked myself for not grabbing the old steel one when I had the chance. I convinced a couple of friends to buy the xooter over the years since and they were happy with them. It really is a good design.

Is anyone sitting on a lightweight 135mm rear QR disc wheel?

What diameter?

ideally 650b but 26 might work as well.

WTB: Long pull flat bar brake levers.
27.2 derper post - 75-100mm travel way

27.2 x 100 KS ETen external cable at the head. $40

Avid somethingorother (I have the pair): $10

XT integrated with 3x9 shifters (can be long or short pull)$40

pretty sure I have a 26" Mavic + XTR centerlock wheelset I got from Jimmy

and I also have a 650b LightBicycle + XTR + SONdelux centerlock wheelset with 1.8/1.5mm spokes that was on my Elephant, the rear rim has a little crack


If @BicyclePubes only wants the rear wheel, I’m into the front.

I’m into both 650b and you wouldn’t have to ship.

Only on tarck would I ask this - looking for a 142/100 29+ wheelset.

I got some 15x100 12x142 non-plus bontrager wheels if you’re willing to go narrow.

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I’d buy that config if they were deep rim zipps kind narrow or maybe even 35s internal

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lol it’s become a really big crack now after three years of sitting in my basement