Seattle area tarck


Incase we ever ride again, for beer nights, food insights ,and craigslist deals etc. This might really belong in off topic only time will tell. OK whats next?

This tonight 8pm @ the morgue…meeting friends on First Hill then group ride to Georgetown


I saw the Helm a couple months ago in Spokane, seemed like a good band.


53 Davidson for 300 clams


[quote=moonbear]53 Davidson for 300 clams[/quote]

I just emailed about this. S needs a new bike. I honestly don’t even know if she would like this, we are still (pre test rides) in the early stage of figuring out what she wants. She needs something geared, and lightish for around town. Obviously the most important this is that it has to meet her aesthetic taste, she like the looks of road bikes with risers, the Scoot sub 20 and the old steal frames like the Bianchi, but I don’t know if she will be comfortable riding on the streets with drops. She wants to ride more, but doesn’t know what she wants, so we are going to test ride every type of bike we can think of and go from there.


She needs a yellow cannondale…


why are you getting rid of the Cannondale. I should have mentioned, (I think) she will want indexed shifters.


Oh it is indexed, at least with the Shimano back wheel it is! I’ve been thinking about selling it and maybe getting another steel frame.


trade back for kilo?


I like that Cannondale. Keep it in the family.


trade back for kilo?[/quote]

Trade for cash? Its a 53 by the way.


no monies :frowning:


Maybe… Though the campy Is a selling point.
Really it is up to her, she needs to get on some bike to know what she wants.
What kind of $$$ are you looking for?


Does else anyone on here live in Bellingham?


my grade school/high school friend is up there. and she did a badass cross country tour/hitchhiking trip i think summer of '09.


Cap Cap goes to school in the Bham, but I think he’s in prison or something.


what color was that Davidson? (the listing’s down already). A really nice rando guy I bought some parts from recently was selling a beautiful purple Davidson.

Also, I realize it’s only Monday and making plans 6 days in advance is hard, but is anyone riding this Saturday? I’m thinking about riding the BG/Sammamish trails from Fremont out to Marymoor park to try and ride a lap of the velodrome. I’ve never been on one before (except for almost eating it on the wet velodrome section each lap during starcrossed this year). Would it be kosher to ride on the velodrome?


As long as there isn’t anyone training then its absolutely fine. There may be something about not riding it when the rugby teams practice too but I’m not sure if I remember that sign correctly! I live about 1 mile up the hill and have ridden it a few times, pretty fun. I might be around on Saturday after 3.


Beers on Friday?


Yes. When/where?