Seattle / Tacoma people - I'm thinking about collecting donations for 2nd Cycle in Tacoma.

This is still a bit up in the air, but I’m about putting together a collection for 2nd Cycle in Tacoma. They’re a donation-based community shop in Hilltop that sells used parts and bikes, has an income-based open shop, and does a ton of work for at-risk youth and local cycling advocacy. They have earn-a-bike courses and juvenile detention diversion programs.

As far as I can tell, they’re doing fine. But it never hurts to help. They accept donations of parts, bikes, labor, and money. If I find an open weekend, I would love to use my dumb work truck to collect donatable goods from people and drop them at the shop. I have yet to determine the logistics of this, but if you guys have stuff in your bike piles that you would be interested in putting towards a good cause, I would love to pick it up and take it down to them.

Ideally, this would be done with limited stops by me. If I end up burning $40 worth of gas to collect $30 worth of goods, I’d be better off just donating the $40 I would have spent on gas. You get it. Maybe we could have a meetup somewhere that’s central-ish for the Seattle crew for lunch / coffee / etc on a Saturday. I could snack it up, pick up the goodies, and drop everything off on my drive home.

If there’s interest, I’ll update this when my schedule is a bit less fluid. I know I’m out of town next weekend, and I might be again the weekend after that, but I’ll have a better idea of my work plans by the end of the week.

There’s a couple of these operations in Western Mass and I’m a huge fan of the concept. The one just south of me is awesome. Let me know where to donate.

Edit: found the link in your link

But we have two different bike co-ops up here, and keeping bikes in Seattle allows me to continue to look down on Tacomans.

But this is my bike co-op.

And by my, I mean it’s the one that I go to.

And Hilltop needs as many good vibes as possible.

I just donated all my bike shit to the Seattle bike co-op. I’m sure I’ll have a similar pile in Minneapolis in a couple years, but then it’s going to be in Minneapolis.

[quote=ckd]And by my, I mean it’s the one that I go to.

And Hilltop needs as many good vibes as possible.[/quote]


i could come up with a small pile, but it wouldn’t be anything great, and it definitely would not require a truck. however, i do live rather close to bikeworks… was eventually gonna drop by there.

my roommate on the other hand has an entire crashed bike to donate. not sure any of the big pieces are good, but could be scrapped for the parts (budget disc brakes, fenders, stem,post, hubs, tires, etc…).

I have a probably stolen and dumped bike that I called the cops about (who did nothing) that’s just missing wheels (126 spaced 7 speed rear). Been meaning to take to Bikeworks but am lazy.