Seattle Tarckup/ride - Vashon Island Sunday morning 8/28

Planning to catch the 8:20 ferry to Vashon from the Fauntleroy terminal (right by Lincoln Park in West Seattle). If we all make that one, roll out immediately after.

I want to do some variant of the Vashon/Maury Island loop and shoot for being done at a lunch-esque time, at which point lunch and beverages somewhere.

Pace-wise, whatever will enable us all to ride together, or we can split up if some want to go fast and some want to keep it more chill.

That’s the extent of the plan so far. I am not the “organizer”, so don’t sue me or anything like that.


In, at least for the ferry ride and hang out times. Not sure how much riding I’m up for, but will grab coffee/putz around the island for a bit if I’m not up for a long ride. See you all bright and early Sunday.

What kind of roads is this going to be on? Rather than ride my Elephant, it might be nice to hop on my road bike for once.

I’m gonna be on 25s. Provided the issue discussed in the TMI thread heals in time.

Yeah. Road bike here too.

So many thing I want to say, but I’m not going to. Toughen that taint up!

I would love to get on some dirt/gravel.
That shit is fine on 25s.

I think it’s Singer Road that’s a nice little rollercoaster new england carriage road

and there’s good trails in Island Center Forest, I hit those on 25s on our way back from the Fleche

Huh. I’ll do some research. If anyone else wants to navigate feel free.

So who is in?

Me, Kyle, and Todd for sure.

Well I just woke up, so I’m not going to be able to make it to West Seattle in 40 minutes. You nerds have fun.

We did

If we’re a band, I am so the lead singer.


Looks like a blast! (a bunch of pictures of us riding- the benefit of being in the back- lots of on bike action)

Great day- thanks guys!

That was really fun. We should go back for the free boat.