Didn’t get to it before it was taken down. What was it?

You guys should have bought that for me… because I need a third track bike.

Killer deal.

I hesitated because the frame was much too small, but I changed my mind and e-mailed the guy…only to receive:

“Sorry, but the craigslist user address you recently mailed ( does not seem to be valid. It could be you’re trying to respond to a very old posting, or that the user has not requested anonymous email forwarding. Please check the address and try again.”


Oh snap! I did see that! Seller must’ve figured it out. Damn, that’s a little small for me, but i was thinking about it too. Lotta good deals here lately, saw a Cannondale track in my size with Suntour group and Mavic rims on it go for 700, and a Davidson track frame (Reynolds 853 tubing) with S75 cranks go for 4 and a quarter.

I almost bought this, but the guy didn’t reply to my emails (he had replied to a few previous ones)